UNO – Infinite

Installation design, 2 x 1 m / Various prototypes out of different material with flexible ankles

In UNO, the concept of prototyping and resulting simple design succeeded. Through simple cubes, the form of a square served to build a flexible pattern design that is adjustable to different circumstances. As an artefact, this object can be twisted and turned into various directions and (un-)folded endlessly. Due to its size, preferably a group of two to four people can rearrange the pattern so that it will lead to unexpected results. UNO shall animate for collaborative action while still being able to be adjusted by a single person. Hand-cut and drilled, the material creates an atmosphere of comfort. Passers-by can find a moment of peace on it.

In a time of social change where new ways of getting into touch and collaboration need to be found, UNO offers an option. It not only mirrors – equalized single elements are building one movement of infinity in time and space – but rather is the result of how our society is structured.