MONA – Simplicity in Complexity

Research-Project / Book / Poster 

Dealing with complexity in MONA, an ornamental vocabulary operates as leading principle for the artistic research practise. Exploring how single partially independent and correlating elements are integrated into a modular system of multiple connections, unitary multifacetednesses and systematic intricacies are generated. Within an abstract form language, the interconnection between different entities in relation to a collective of conjunctions and interactions is looked upon whereby this cannot be attributed to terms or definitions. Exceeding beyond that, the resulting signs build a pattern model that can be seen as an attempt to uncover a layer beyond the apparently »real« or individually comprehensible. MONA is an entity of a single unit as well as a reflection on correlations of multiple entities in a unity and a way of thinking through this semiotic form language, symbolic investigation and systemic study. 

Complexity, Systems, Interconnectivity, Technology, Information Society, Communication Culture, Digital, Social Life, Research