Installation, Animation, Sound

One has many questions. Its narrative is diverse and contains everything one can imagine. With its singularity it centers itself in the middle of colourful dynamics while being both their stage as well as the main actor that unites all of them. One is an entity: an individual, a collective, a system, the world. With its immense complexity, one remembers of interconnectivity that connects and is constantly connected. The individuum is embedded in a fluid environment. The changes that happen outside influence the inside and vice versa. Therefore its development is an everlasting back and forth, a circle that repeats itself, a sphere that contains everything and is everything.

Beginning with its smallest form of a single individuum that has a specific character, one grows, develops and changes. It is part of a local community (again an entity), a society, a nation, an ecosystem and global system of interactions. In other words, the question how identity is constituted finds a platform to be raised as interactions are shown. Cheerfully, one sees itself overlapped by traces of movement that occur mentally and physically and which themselves are interwoven. Symbolizing the duality of memory and oblivion, one visualises movement patterns and individual experiences.

Action and reaction are of utmost importance: Which responsibility does one have in the local, national and international interconnectedness? That one cannot answer. What can be answered is the fact that one will and does play a role.

Which role is that?

Exhibition at Biennale Mulhouse – la jeune création dans l’art contemporain, June 2019